Beauty Tips to Lighten Up This Christmas

Beauty Tips to Lighten Up This Christmas

Christmas is the season when we enjoy cold winds and hot drinks. It is time to eat, drink and be happy, but at the end of the day all the fun may cause some health and skin problems with the beauty of your skin.

Over intake of Sugar may increase blood glucose and can produce excess Insulin. Over intake of salt results in dehydration, this may make your skin feel dull. And little question over Intake of Alcohol is additionally bad for your health and skin.

Count down for Christmas has started, and little question you’ll be planning your beauty hacks. The weather may dry up your skin, so you ought to not compromise with it. So, you ought to lookout of your skin and Health to seem beautiful.

Following are some Beauty tips to follow this Christmas for Healthy and delightful look.

1. cause you to Skin Healthier

Applying heavy makeup during this weather may dry up your skin. So choose your makeup products wisely for winter. And most vital thing is take away your make before getting to bed and moisturize your skin.

Use gentle exfoliator few times during a week to get rid of the dead skin and unclog the pores.
Use the best cleanser, let it dry with a towel, then apply moisturizer to moisturize your skin
Get Facial once every week for glowing and flawless skin.
Applying natural oils like copra oil , expressed almond oil , olive oil, essential oils etc.
Eat proper food for your skin


2. Be Hydrated

In winter always stay hydrated; drink many Luke warm water. The weather tends to lose more moisture, so it is vital to stay beverage to stay your skin plumped. Water helps to get rid of toxins from body. Alcohol is additionally a liquid, but it’ll not hydrate your body as water does. beverage before bed is additionally the simplest thanks to help your body repair. It helps to wear all skin problems.

3. Great Hair don’t care

Your hair need far more care in weather because, cold air dries you hair and suck the moisture from your hair. So once every week give deep conditioning to your hair.

Apply oil a minimum of thrice every week
Give a Hot oil massage for your hair once every week
Use mild shampoo and use highest quality conditioner
Don’t keep your hair open in cold wind attempt to cover it.
Give you are a proper Spa treatment
Eat food items benefits for your hair
Keep your Hair faraway from chemical and warmth treatment


Beauty Tips to Lighten Up This Christmas

4. lookout for your Body

Taking care of your body adds a lot to your beauty. The body should be considered and lookout as a precious one.

Intake many water and healthy juices in Winter
Eat food items that contain vitamin C (Citrus fruits, Berries) it helps for immunity.
Clean your body very clearly and moisturize it.
As the weather may reduce the blood Circulation so, exercise daily. It helps to extend your metabolism and blood circulation. cause you to fit.

5. Let’s have Beautiful Smile

Beautiful teeth give beautiful smile. So don’t neglect cleaning your teeth. it’ll cause you to feel refresh and provides perfect smile. Brush your teeth twice each day using best tooth paste. to get rid of stain from your teeth Brush the teeth with the mixture of paste and bicarbonate of soda . do that once every week .

6. Quick structure for Christmas

Applying more makeup may damage your skin. But to urge obviate dull look can avail a fast makeup with only few makeup items.

Apply Bold Red Matt lipstick and apply thick layer of eyeliner.
Here we are through with Winter manicure . Also you’ll read our “Best Facial that you simply can do this winter” for smooth and healthy skin.

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