7 Ways to Maintain Good Posture When You Sit for a Long Time


We live at a time where we spend most of our days slumped in chairs — whether we’re working, studying, or relaxing. Perhaps a number of you’re already feeling the long-term effects of this sedentary position, like muscle stiffness or back pain. Sitting takes a toll on our health, and that we got to balance it out by listening to the right posture.

We at silver lining are all for a cushy and healthy life, so we’ve listed a couple of tips that would assist you to improve your posture. Please confine in mind that this text is for informational purposes only. For medical advice, please consult your doctor.

1. Make sure that your chair is the right fit for you.

Chairs don’t fall under the category of “One Size Fits All.” Like shoes, we’d like to form sure that they’re the right fit our own measurements, because they will make a difference in our health and luxury . the simplest option is to travel for adjustable ones, so you’ll change the peak of the chair or the angle of the backrest recline, counting on your needs.

There also are 2 details to recollect when choosing an ergonomic chair. the primary one is to see and see if the seat pan is a minimum of one inch wider than your hips on all sides in order that you’ll have enough thigh support. Secondly, check to ascertain if there’s a minimum of a 0.5-inch gap between the sting of the seat and therefore the back of your knees. A soft cushion also will help prevent compression of the thighs and buttocks.

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